Ormeau guy hurt in Sean Graham Bookmakers attack ‘endured for the rest of his life’

January 12, 2021 by No Comments

A MAN injured in the Sean Graham’s Bookmakers atrocity has died at the age of 53, after acquiring covid while in healthcare facility being dealt with for an unassociated illness.Mark Hazzard,

originally from Artana Road on the Ormeau Roadway in south Belfast, resided in recent years in the north of the city.He was amongst seven individuals hurt in the 1992 UDA attack, that claimed the lives of five others.Described as a”quiet and private “person, Mr Hazzard maintained gunshots to his leg, when gunmen opened up fire inside the Ormeau Roadway bookmakers.Campaigners believe there was protection force collusion in the murders.One of the guns used, a Czech-made VZ58, is believed to have actually come from a set smuggled right into

the north by British army representative and also UDA knowledge officer Brian Nelson in 1988. An additional gun utilized in the attack had been provided to cops by a UDA representative prior to being restored to the awesome gang.The dead consisted of Peter Magee( 18), James Kennedy(15 ), Christy Doherty( 51 ), William McManus

(54 )as well as 66-year-old Jack Duffin.When the shooters went into the jam-packed bookies, Mr Hazzard fell to the flooring yet was propped up versus a wall, seeing the complete carnage of

the bloody attack.The youngest of 9 siblings, he never ever married and also was claimed to have suffered long-term from the injury of the attack.Mark Sykes, that was also hurt in the atrocity, claimed that what Mr Hazzard had actually witnessed on that day has to have stuck with him throughout his life. “He would have been next to me when the capturing started, yet while we were all on our backs, he was propped up versus the wall, he would certainly have seen

everything, that’s the type of horror you can never escape from.” Mark was from a well known family, he was significantly a component of the Ormeau neighborhood. There is a profusion of despair that after enduring the attack his life has been cut short by doing this.”I recognize that all of those who lost a liked one that day, were hurt or influenced by the assault will certainly feel his loss “. Relatives for Justice, that stand for many of the targets of the Sean Graham Bookmakers strike, paid tribute to Mr Hazzard saying they were” deeply saddened to hear of the death “.”There is no doubt that his unfortunate death is an outcome of the injuries he sustained. We prolong our honest condolences to his family”. Funeral plans have yet to be confirmed. Mr Hazzard is endured by his brothers,

sisters and also broader household circle.